iTR-100A Audible HD Radio

Based on the popular DICE iTR-100 tabletop HD Radio, this tabletop unit was designed with special enhancements in consideration for the visually impaired. Voice prompts and audible feedback have been added to allow ease of operation of the iTR-100-A. You can enjoy the enhanced sound quality of HD radio or RRS at home or in your office. With its classic retro design, the receiver accents any space.
AM/FM HD Radio
HD Radio technology enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast local programs digitally.

LCD Text Display
Displaying current time, and radio station information.
Audio Feedback
Radio station information, time, and the process of setting an alarm is assisted by vocal queues
  RRS Capable
Register this radio’s serial number with an RRS subscription provider to gain access to Radio Reading Service.

Acoustic Performance
The solid construction of the acoustic wood structure further enhances the listening experience.

AUX Audio input
Connect any external audio device including: iPod, and other MP3 players
  Operation Overview
4" speaker
the solid construction of the acoustic wood structure
Mode: select between AM, FM and AUX mode.
Presets: memorize favorite radio stations.
Radio Reading Service button
Volume knob
Tuning knob.
LCD text display

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